NEW @ LPL! STEAM Kits and Launchpads

STEAM stands for Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics

Penworthy Steam To Go kits

Thanks to a generous grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, we're proud to present Penworthy STEAM to Go! Kits for kids ages preschool through 6th grade! Because these kits are a part of our COVID Catchup Grant, we are asking that every patron who checks out a STEAM kit fill out two short surveys, one before your child uses the kit, and one after. Gathering information on what works and what doesn't is an important part of the grant process.  Plus, every patron who checks out a STEAM kit and returns completed surveys is entered into a monthly prize drawing!  Multiple submissions are allowed.

Loan Rules for STEAM kits

Dollar General Literacy Foundation

In addition to the STEAM kits, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation grant has also provided new nonfiction STEAM-themed videos for kids, which are also available for checkout.

Launchpads by Playaway

We're also delighted to introduce Launchpads from Playaway!  These pre-programmed educational tablets for kids feature stories and activities, akin to the old Playaway Views, but with much more content.

Launchpad loan rules

Check out these great new resources, and help your child learn as they play!