Lab Material Prices

  • Magnetic sheeting: $2 per square foot
  • Vinyl: $1 per square foot
  • Heat vinyl: $2 per square foot
  • 3D Printing: $1 per meter of filament
  • 1" pin-back buttons: 25¢
  • 2" pin-back buttons: 50¢
  • Poster printer (library paper): $2 per square foot
  • Poster printer (patron's paper): $1 per square foot
  • ThermoPlastic: $4 per square foot
  • Sticker pages (on Cricut): 10¢ per sheet (8.5" x 11")
    • Black & White prints: 15¢ (25¢ total per sheet)
    • Color prints: 40¢ (50¢ total per sheet)
  • Wooden sheets: $1.50 per 12" x 12" sheet

The Library Lab is a learning and making space. It’s free for you to use our equipment and expertise. Just bring your own materials and imagination! We’ll train and certify you on the equipment, then you can use it by appointment.

Equipment Available

  • The Ultimaker 2 3D printers create 3-dimensional objects out of plastic, based on 3D computer models.
  • The Titan vinyl cutter cuts shapes and letters in sheets of sticker material, to create stickers, banners, and signs, including magnetic auto signs.
  • 6 Singer sewing machines straight stitch, zigzag, make buttonholes, and feature decorative stitches for any mending or sewing project, and many crafts as well.
  • The Brother embroidery machine stitches pictures, designs and text onto fabric, in an array of colors.
  • The Silhouette Curio craft cutter draws, cuts, embosses, debosses and stipples on paper, cardstock, vinyl and other materials.
  • Our collection of hand tools includes screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, hacksaws, snips, hex drivers, sockets and wrenches.
  • Our specialty tools include soldering irons, tools for working on electronics, and jewelry-making tools.
  • Our laptops can be used for classes and activities ranging from designing your project to mastering social media.
  • We use LittleBits, Makey-Makey, Arduino and Raspberry Pi to teach programming skills.
  • We use robots kits to teach mechanical engineering and computer programming.

You have several ways to use the Library Lab:

  • Join us for a Lab program, and learn to use the equipment while doing a specific project.
  • Book-a-Librarian for 30-minute one-on-one sessions to learn to use a particular piece of equipment.

We do charge for the cost of materials if you use our supplies. Please call 330-875-1696 for details.