Louisville Public Library eCards

Like streaming music, movies, magazines or ebooks for free?

Don’t have a library card?

Louisville Public Library is now your place to access digital downloads even if you’ve never stepped inside our buildings.

Louisville Public Library now offers a digital-only library eCard for new patrons who would like to use our online services of over 520,000 titles but may not want to borrow physical items from our collections. With the library eCard, online patrons can borrow ebooks, stream videos, download music, listen to audiobooks, borrow magazines or access our digital databases. The library eCard is valid for five years and is only available to new patrons* of Louisville Public Library. Registrants must live in the state of Ohio.

In addition, if you have fines on your current, unexpired library card that prevent you from checking out books and DVDS, you can now borrow ebooks, stream videos and music, download audiobooks, and access our digital databases using your existing Louisville Public Library card. The best part? There are never any fines associated with these checkouts. If your card is expired, you will need to contact the library to renew it.

Fill out our online form to register and take advantage of our online services.

*Existing Louisville Public Library card holders are not eligible to have both a regular card and an eCard.