Book-A-Librarian is a service that connects Louisville Public Library cardholders by appointment with a librarian for a one-on-one customized help and skill-building session. This free service is best used for complicated questions that require time beyond the usual walk-in help and for more in-depth instruction on how to use the library's catalog, databases, internet, Library Lab equipment and many other resources offered here at the Louisville Public Library.

Before you make an appointment, please make sure you have a valid Louisville Public Library card.

Fines must be below $5 to Book-A-Librarian.

Please call (330) 875-1696 to start the process of Book-A-Librarian.

Things to remember:

PLAN AHEAD! We require 48 hours to allow for all trainers to see new BAL requests. Trainers may not work the hours you need an appointment for, so please give us time to find a trainer to help you.

BALs are 1 hour max. You may need to make multiple appointments to complete your project. BALs will not be made within 1 hour of Library closing time.

Know what you want done. Having your design, size requirements, fonts/colors, etc, decided before your BAL will save you time. Bring this information to your appointment.

BAL services are offered to teach you something, not to do the work for you. You must be part of the learning process!

We cannot guarantee the results of your project. Trainers do their best to assess how a project may come out, but the Library Lab offers a learning experience and sometimes projects fail. We are also not responsible for copyright permissions.

Click below to read Book-A-Librarian tips & guidelines: