Louisville Public Library History


Photo Taken by Frank Clapper


Photo taken by Amy Shaffer Davis


Louisville Public Library has a rich history of service to its community. In 1935, the Louisville Board of Education decided to open the school's library to the general public of the school district. Since the library was housed in the school, the library was only open during school hours and closed during the Former Middle School summer months. In 1937 the Library Board voted to keep the library open all summer. Library hours were extended into the evening hours in the 1940's, and in the 1950's to include Saturday's.

The first children's hour was held in 1937, and is still a tradition we continue to this day. The Audio Visual department was started in 1943 with a record album collection, and expanded in 1953 when the library became a member of the Central Ohio Film Circuit for Small Libraries.

In 1952, the library moved from the school to the J.A. Martig property (the former Board of Education building), where it grew to take up ten rooms of the building. Due to increased collection size and circulations, the library soon outgrew the capacity of the Martig property.

In 1964 a bond issue funded the building of the current library, located at 700 Lincoln Avenue. The library housed 54,000 volumes in 1969 when the building was dedicated.

The past 4 decades have brought many changes to the Louisville Public Library, including the addition of DVDs, CDs, national newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, eBooks, and other digital services. The library also has computers for public use, free WiFi, and even conducts computer training through the Connect Ohio Project.

Louisville Public Library participates in two programs that connects with other libraries across the state of Ohio: Search Ohio and Ohio LINK.

Search Ohio offers access to a combined catalog of more than 15 libraries, giving library users access to over 10 million items. This free service is made possible through a partnership of participating Ohio public libraries.

OhioLINK, is a consortium of 88 Ohio college and university libraries, and the State Library of Ohio, that work together to provide access to more than 49.5 million books and other library materials, millions of electronic articles, 17,000 electronic journals, 140 electronic research databases, thousands of images, videos and sounds, and 35,000 theses and dissertations from Ohio students.

Louisville Public Library has held an important position in the community since it began in 1935. This tradition of providing the materials and services required by a changing society continues to this day.