Friends of the Louisville Public Library By-Laws  

Friends of the Louisville Public Library By-Laws  
 Article I: Name 
            Section 1: This organization shall be the “Friends of the Louisville Public Library”, hereafter referred to as                                  the “Friends of the Library” 

Article II: Purpose 
            Section 1: To foster closer relations between the Library and the community 
            Section 2: To enhance the Library’s functions, resources and services 
            Section 3: To encourage benefactions, gifts, endowments, appropriate fund raising, and bequest to the                                          Louisville Public Library 

Article III: Membership 
            Section 1: Membership shall be open to all individuals and organizations interested in the Library. 
            Section 2: Annual dues shall be determined by the board. 
            Section 3: Membership shall begin Jan. 1 and end Dec. 31 of each year. 

Article IV: Officers 
            Section 1: The offices of the organization shall be: President, Vice-President, or 2 Co-Presidents, Treasurer,                                 Secretary and Trustees 
            Section 2: The slate of offices will be approved by a majority vote once a year in Jan. for all members. 

Article V: Board of Directors 
            Section 1: There are 7 voting members of the Board. All members of the Friends Board serve from Jan. 1 –                                   Dec. 31. 
            Section 2: In the event of a vacancy, the board is responsible for choosing a potential new board member to fill                               the vacancy. 
            Section 3: Each member of the Board shall be a current dues paying member.  
            Section 4: The Board will meet monthly. Special meetings may be called by the president or by 3 members of                                  the Board. 
            Section 5: Each member is entitled to 1 vote. 
            Section 6: A majority of the Board, voting in person or by proxy, is a quorum. 
            Section 7: Three consecutive unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the Board. Any Board member                               may also be removed from the Board for misconduct or neglect of duty. 
            Section 8: A Board member may be granted a leave of absence by a majority vote by the Board. Maximum                                  leave will be determined by the Board. 

Article VI: Role of Officers 
            Section 1: President: To preside over and conduct meetings. 
            Section 2: Vice-President: To perform the duties in the absence of the President or the Secretary and to                                          conduct an annual review of the bylaws and submit recommendations for needed changes to the                                   Board. 
            Section 3: Treasurer: To keep and maintain all financial, official, and legal records. To provide an annual                                      report for the Board, to sign checks, etc. as necessary for the Friends. 
            Section 4: Secretary: To record attendance at all meetings, to take the minutes of all meetings, to keep a list of                               the names and addresses of all members, to notify the members of the time and place of meetings                                  and to conduct the correspondence of the Friends. 

Article VII: Meetings 
            Section 1: An annual meeting id held on a date in January to be determined by the Board.
            Members will be notified of the meeting. 
            Section 2: A special meeting may be called at any time by the Board, or the President or
                              25% of the members.  

Article VIII: Annual Dues 
            Individual $10.00 
            Senior (65 and over) $5.00 
            Youth (under 18) $5.00 
            Dual/Family (same household) $20.00 
            Lifetime $200 
            Corporate $300 

Article IX: Funds 
            Section 1: The fiscal year is from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. 
            Section 2: All checks, drafts, or other orders for the payment of money will be in the name of the “Friends of                                  the Library”. 
            Section 3: All funds will be deposited from time to time to the bank. 
            Section 4: The mailing address for all financial and legal purposes will be the address of the Louisville Public                                Library.