The Louisville Public Library is a school district public library that exists for the purpose of providing service to the City of Louisville including Nimishillen Township and, in a wider sense, to residents of Stark County and others. It is supported by money allocated from the State of Ohio income tax and distributed by Stark County. We are not a part of the Stark County District Library, and therefore do not receive any funding from those district library funds.

The Louisville Public Library sets as its major goals:

  • The advancement of knowledge
  • The enlightenment of the community
  • The provision of recreational reading, listening, and viewing materials.

Basic to the policy is the Library Bill of Rights as adopted by the American library Association.

The library is open to the public during normal service hours. The legal service area of Louisville Public Library is encompassed by the Louisville City School District boundaries but borrowing privileges are also extended to any person residing in Stark County and to others at the discretion of the library.